Can You See The Potential Of Facebook™ Ads, But Can't Increase Your Sales Or Income?
FB Masters Training Program Will Teach You How To Create Funnels, Ads, Pages, Audiences, and More That Will Grow Your Leads, Brand, Sales, and Exposure!
Surely You Must Be Tired Of All The Failed Campaigns and False-Start Success with Facebook™ Advertising...
Not anymore. 
Here's What You Get When You Get The Full FB Masters Training Program
Become a FB Master and discover the secret to driving high-converting traffic from the world's 3rd largest website.
Complete Facebook™ Advertising Training
Sales Funnel Training Designed Specifically for Facebook™ Ads
Remarketing Training to Maximize the Value of Every Dollar Spent
Theory & Practical Training for the Top 4 Converting Facebook™ Ad Types
You will also get exclusive access to these bonuses not available anywhere else:

BONUS #1: The Click Predictor Calculator - Use this calculator to predict the costs of your ads, how many impressions and clicks you required to hit your goals, and more...

BONUS #2: Facebook™ Interest Cheatsheet - An updated cheatsheet of the top Facebook™ Interests across the most profitable niches to run ads.

BONUS #3: Competitor Research - Look at image ads, video ads, and text ads from proven campaigns to inspire your next advertising creatives

BONUS #4: The Facebook™ Advertising Master Checklist - This checklist is a complete review of your campaign, funnel, and more to make sure you have correctly setup your campaign for success

BONUS #5: 550+ Done-For-You Ad Images - Skip the tedious process of creating your own ad images. We've created 600 variations of images that work for every major niche. Use the free software we recommend to edit these images as you wish as well.
And right now, you can save 50% on Your Purchase!

Check Out These Testimonials From Other Masters In The Program
"...It covers everything you need to know to build your business via Facebook™ Advertising..."
Barry Rodgers
"...For me personally, this has been one of the best investments I've made in a long time..."
Ken Furukawa
"...This training is an absolute gem and has give me everything I need to run my Facebook™ ads confidently.."
Goldie Maanu

You Know This Feeling, Right?
You start out by logging into Facebook™, clicking a few buttons, haphazardly guessing that you're picking the right interests and then you submit your ads.

Maybe THIS will be the campaign that gets you the results you're looking for.

You hope that THIS campaign is going to work.

And then...

  •  No Meaningful Clicks
  •  No Signups to Your List
  •  And Definitely no SALES
Heck, they might have even shut down your ad account completely!

So now you're left frustrated, confused, and wondering if all of this "guru" nonsense about Facebook™ traffic being the holy grail is all just hog-wash!

Will you ever be able to do this successfully?
Here's Why Mastering Facebook™ Advertising is Essential This Year (And Next)...
Facebook™ (when you don't know how to use it) can be a terrifying challenge!


It can also be massively profitable when you get it right. This year, next year, any year  you want to spend your time learning the things that are going to give you the most profit - right?

Well consider this...

There are 2.2 Billion monthly active users on Facebook (Statista, 2018)
375 Million people click the "Shop Now" button on a Facebook ad every 7 days suggesting buyer intent is strong. (Facebook™ Business Manager, 2018)
100 Million hours of content are watched on Facebook everyday (SproutSocial, 2018)

By grabbing only a tiny fraction of a single percentage of this traffic you will see your income, brand, sales, leads, and more literally skyrocket!

And as someone who fell into doing this by accident just a few years ago, I can promise you this is 100% achievable.

"...It's not running on loopholes, it's not running on fads, it's running on solid ways to run your paid Facebook™ ads..."
Phil Home
"...Thank you to to JayKay for putting this course together, it has helped me a lot to get better results..."
Leslie Chong Tong Haw

I Started with a Crisp $5 Bill
That's what I spent on my first Facebook™ ad when I was getting started.

It turned into thousands!

Well, actually, it turned into nothing.

The same thing happened when I tried $20, $100, $500, $1,000 - and I could go on and on...

I sucked at Facebook™ ads, and I just didn't know why!?

You see, I was an okay entrepreneur at that point. I had some decent income, and a business I could stand behind but... I needed more growth.

I ended up spending thousands of dollars on Facebook™ ads without getting much out of it.

The problem, I later learned, was that I was doing it all wrong.

But how was I to know? I was trying to learn Facebook™ advertising myself and discovered a few things very quickly:
  •  Facebook™ Advertising was CONFUSING!
  •  It was not always repeatable...
  •  It seemed to be totally random!
  •  There were SO many options to work with it was INTIMIDATING!
The more I analyzed my failing results the more I became frustrated!


Because people around me were making TRUCKLOADS of sales, commissions, leads, and profit.

People just kept yapping on and on about how Facebook was making them all so much money!

So I made a decision...

I wasn't going to spend a penny until I learned everything I could about Facebook™ ads from the people I could see were crushing it everyday.

I reverse engineered hundreds of ads, landing pages, funnels, and more.

After a solid year of doing this, I learned one important thing.

One inescapable truth:

There's a repeatable system to becoming a successful Facebook™ advertiser!

Then I decided to LEARN IT!
How I Applied My Facebook™ "System" And Changed My Business Forever
I went back to my crisp $5 bill and relaunched one of my campaigns with my new system in place.

I had changed my mindset to that of "investment traffic" where I felt okay if I didn't make money right away, because my funnel would deliver the sales for me.

To be clear, I didn't make tens of thousands of dollars overnight, but I did make a profit.

Fast forwarding to today...

I've kept the same simple system in place and now I'm able to spend $1,000 everyday on my ads and feel 100% confident of getting a 3x-7x Return-on-Investment on a regular basis.

I'm able to pull in a comfortable $3,000 or more for every $1,000 I spend on my Facebook™ ads!

The great part is, this simple system comes down to just 4 steps...

"...This product is simply amazing, there's no other way to describe FB Master's Program..."
Eric Dimitriadis
"...If you plan to advertise your business on Facebook™ than the FB Master's Program is a must-have..."
John Taylor
The 4-Steps To Become a Profitable Facebook™ Advertising Master
Listen - these 4 steps really are the key to master Facebook™ advertising (regardless of your past experience)!

I've spent thousands of hours perfecting this, and it works for literally everyone who applies it properly.

These are the 4-steps to becoming a Facebook™ master:
  •  Objective Choice: There are 14 different Facebook™ objectives, but most are completely unnecessary. Regardless of your niche, your goals, your business, and your budget, there are only 4 objectives that matter in getting any result.
  •  Sales Funnel: You need a funnel that teaches you how to collect a new lead, develop them into a first sale, and then nurture them into a long-term customer. This has been a HUGE turning point for my results with FB ads!
  •  Traffic Funnel: With 2.2 billion monthly active users, most of your potential customers have NO idea who you are. Using a properly created traffic funnel you can turn an ice-cold lead into a ravenous brand ambassador.
  •  Top Converting Creatives: There are literally dozens of variations of Facebook™ ad creatives. There are, however, only 4 that get results. Mastering the top 4 converting creatives gets you results. Every single time.
Inside the FB Master's Training Program I go into METICULOUS DETAIL about each of these.

You will learn the theory and practical application of each of these and will become a master at each step: creating, launching, and scaling campaigns with complete confidence in your "investment traffic".

And you'll finally see a healthy profit come back in return.
Want to Become a Master of Facebook™ Ads?
Step #1: Join The FB Masters Program
This is the honestly the best course I've ever released, and the most comprehensive training on Facebook™ Advertising you will find anywhere.

I've been using Facebook™ Ads For Years...

And after mastering this system I am confident that I can put together a campaign in any industry, with any goal, and get results. Now I'd like to teach you the same thing.
What you will learn inside the FB Masters Training Program is 100% up to date (and regularly updated to reflect changes inside Facebook™).

You're getting all of my steps, templates, formulas, and just about everything I've learned about Facebook™ that works!

You will see the entire process broken down in incredible detail. Launching, scaling, optimizing, and tracking all managed in front of your eyes. Nothing is left to your imagination.

$500 Discount TO UPGRADE TODAY!
5 FREE Bonuses Available For a Limited Time:
When you upgrade to the full FB Masters Training Program you will also gain all the benefit of these incredible bonuses.

BONUS #1: The Click Predictor Calculator

Use these calculators to predict the costs of your ads, the amount of investment you require based on your specific goal, and even your desired Return-On-Investment. Calculate 3 different ROI goals that match the training in the main course perfectly.

BONUS #2: Facebook™ Interest Cheatsheet

An quarterly updated list of the top Facebook™ interests available in the Ads Manager. Use these cheatsheets across the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing, eCommerce, and more. Interests also include behaviours, and demographics worldwide.

BONUS #3: Competitor Research

Look at image ads, video ads, and text ads from proven campaigns to inspire your next advertising creatives. Watch video ads from Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, and more to see just how simple your video ads can be to be incredibly effective.

BONUS #4: The Facebook™ Advertising Master Checklist

This checklist is a complete review of your campaign, funnel, and more to make sure you have correctly setup your campaign for success. I still use this checklist everytime I launch a new campaign for myself or a client. It's massively effective at keeping the goal of your campaign in mind from Day #1.

BONUS #5: 550+ Done-For-You Ad Images

Skip the tedious process of creating your own ad images. We've created 600 variations of images that work for every major niche. Use the free software we recommend to edit these images as you wish as well.
Here's Everything You Get TODAY When You Join The FB Master's Training Program
  • Full Membership: Complete training on the Facebook™ advertising platform, designing the perfect sales funnel, creating your traffic funnel, how to create the 4 top converting creatives, how to optimize, how to create the top 4 objectives, and so much more...
  • Support & Guidance: Group mentoring in a private setting where you are safe to ask questions, including updated content from JayKay and other mentors, and additional training videos and case studies.
  • BONUS #1: Click Predictor Calculator
  •  BONUS #2: Facebook™ Interest Cheatsheet
  •  BONUS #3: Competitor Research
  •  BONUS #4: Complete Facebook™ Advertising Checklist
  •  BONUS #5: 600+ Done-For-You Ad Images
Become a Master of A Platform Used by 2.2 Billion Users EVERY MONTH...
Becoming a Master right now means you are making an investment in yourself and your business at a price that won't be available forever.

I only work with 2 mentors in our program, and we can only handle a few students.

Once this fills up, it's gone forever - at any price!

Lock down your spot now and save your $1,000 discount during this limited time offer.
So, what happens after you join?
You will have immediate access to the FULL training program including all bonuses. Your account will also be update to FULL status and you will have a mentor assigned who will introduce themselves within the next 24-48hrs. This mentor will be your guidance and support as you go through the training.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes! We are so sure you are going to be BLOWN AWAY by the content, quality, and quantity of training inside the full training that we are offering you 30 days to try out the whole program with the peace-of-mind knowing you can request a refund at any time.
What’s next?
Click the order button below and get started with the FULL version of the FB Masters Training Program!
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Will I Learn How to XYZ?
Every possible element on Facebook™ Ads is covered in this course, if you don't see something specific - just reach out to your mentor.

How Much Content is Inside?
The FULL version of the course is approx. 13-15hrs depending on which additional videos you choose to watch.

How Do I Get My Money Back?
It's easy, just send an email to our support desk and we will request specific details of your purchase, your funds will be returned.
How Long Will It Take To Get Results?
You're a unique person, and you probably learn in your own way compared to our most recent student. So this question is impossible to answer.

Are Your Tactics Whitehat?
100% whitehat in everyway. There are additional videos which explain Facebook™ compliance for both ad creatives AS WELL as landing pages.

I Work in XYZ Industry - Will This Help?
Regardless of the industry in which you operate, Facebook™ advertising is approached the same way and you will be able to apply the lessons.
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